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At MLabs, our journey in brand design consulting has been marked by outstanding achievements. We embarked on a transformative mission to rejuvenate the brand, orchestrating a complete refresh spanning the creation of a new website and an array of captivating digital and print marketing materials. Our unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations shines through as we skillfully address the diverse needs of both our internal and external clients, consistently delivering impactful solutions that elevate the brand to new heights.

As Senior Brand and Marketing Designers at MLabs, we forge close partnerships with our dynamic Business Development, Product, and Marketing teams. Together, we have been instrumental in growing the MLabs brand into new and diverse business funnels. Beyond contributing to the evolution of MLabs' visual identity, we have also played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of various subsidiary products and initiatives, leaving an indelible mark on their futures.

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At I&W, we are more than just a design studio; we are creators, innovators, and storytellers.

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